Wednesday, October 10, 2012

W.C.W.A= Wide Calf Women of America

I'm feeling good from  my head to my shoes boots, because I am able to wear my jeans inside my boots. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have big calves and the stores don't always sell cute stylish boots in wide calf. I would see all the fabulous ladies walking by me with their great boots on, and I was envious...yes I had small calf
Shirt: Ross, Vest & Boots: Dots, Jeans: Conway
I felt like I was the only person with this issue, until people at work started asking me where I was purchasing my boots. They also had wide calves and were having the same issue with finding boots. I felt like forming a support group at work "W.C.W.A= Wide Calf Women of America", and singing we shall overcome. Well I didn't break out into song, but I did start sharing the sites and stores where they could purchase wide calf boots at a reasonable price.  Hopefully, now that I am apart of a support group we can get more designers and stores to realize that all calves are not created equal, and that we just want to be treated like the small calf ladies of America. I will try to make my next post about great fall wide calf boots for the
Vain Moment: I want my support group name to be Head "WC" Diva. I think I deserve it I started the
Until the next blog. Miracle & Blessings


  1. Tell me about it! wide calves are the enemy when it comes to boots, but I've been getting more and more lucky these days! Loves yours btw they look great on you!

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  3. Thank you for the compliment. Having wide calves sometimes is the worst, but I am glad they are making more boots for us. Long live the!