Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 your Shoulders are Big Enough!!!

Hey Boos! Today is the last day of 2012, and we will be ushering in 2013. (SN: Time sure flies when your stuck in the same place.) Every year we make resolutions that we promise to keep, but we don't(lol), and the  next year we are making the same resolutions.  I decided I would do something different to end my year. Instead, of waiting for a new year to make a resolution, I decided to just leave things in 2012, so my 2013 will Shine Bright like a Diamond (in my Rihanna voice.) I am claiming my best life for 2013.

I am leaving a lot of things for 2012, but she is big enough to handle the weight. So here goes my depression, lack of forgiveness, childhood hurts, insecurities, and so much more. I have carried these weights on me for so many years that they are now apart of my everyday life, and I can't shake them off. I have wore a mask for so many years, that I don't recognize my own face. 2012 you can keep the mask, because the real me would like to show up. Happy, Sad, Fat, Small, Up or Down. I am showing up.
My hurts have not only affected my life, but the life of my husband and children. My fears have crippled me from allowing my children to truly be children, because I trust no one with them. It has made my husband play the role of father to me many days , because I needed someone to take care of me. So 2012 I am leaving this for you as well, I decided I want to be healed and freed from my past.
I know that freedom, healing, and wholeness cost, but I am so tired of being in this space that I am willing to pay the cost. People that have hurt me have moved on with their lives, and I am stuck in the same place I was in 24 yrs ago. India.Arie sings a song called get it together, and there's a part to the song that says " And now you only have yourself to blame. If you continue to live this way. Get it together." This is my song for 2013.

I know that I have continued to live in pain, because forgiveness is so hard when the people you trust have hurt you. But this pain will stay in 2012. I know the journey isn't going to be easy, but I am so ready, because being healed has to be better than this. 2013 I welcome you. I welcome love, forgiveness, acceptance, friendship, success, truth, trust, healing, knock downs, and get ups. I also welcome the chance to grieve the little girl that lost her innocence to early. I am grateful to God that he has made me a survivor and I realize that I am not a victim anymore.
To everyone that reads this and assist in my healing whether it be good or bad, Thank You. I pray that God helps you find your healing along with me, and that you are able to leave your unwanted baggage for 2012.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings


Friday, December 7, 2012

Infecting the World * Smile

Hey Boos!!! I recentley told you that there would be changes to the blog, well here is one of the changes. I love reading blogs, and there is a blog I read named Consider Me Lovely, the writer on this blog is Rocquelle. Shout out to Rocquelle, a friend in my head. Anyhoo, every Friday she does a posting about things that make her smile. (SN: Smiles and laughs are infectious. If you smile at someone they smile back. When others see you laugh, they start laughing. If you don't believe it try it and see what happens.) I thought that it was very inspiring and asked her if I could be a bitter and bite her! She was sweet and told me that it wouldn't be a problem, so today is my first smile post. Our lives are so busy and complicated, sometimes we forget about the things that make us smile and bring us joy. I hope these post will inspire you, and remind you it's the little things in life that make you smile when everything else seems to be going crazy.
Trying black lipsticks, and realizing everything doesn't look good on me. Hard pill to!
Finding a rose gold watch at Target for $13.00.
Starting my healthy eating before the new year with a green smoothie.
Losing 5lbs since starting. YAAAAA!!!!

Finding great boots at Target, and resisting the urge to buy them. Until, they were too cute I have to have them.

Jello cake that my Grandma told me how to make.

My baby girl who has her own fashion style.

Having a girls night with friends that ended in an Adult Toy Shop.

Doing movie week on Instagram, and the comments made about "Baby Boy".
Please share with me the things that make you smile, because as the song says "when you smile the whole world smiles with you."
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So your back from OuterSpace!!!

Happy Hump Day!!! This seems like a great day to return. I know that I have been away, but I felt like after Hurricane Sandy I needed to take a break, because there were more important things going on in the world besides me. I know that I do like all things to be about, but I know they aren't so I took a little break to get some clarity. However, I have returned and with a different out look for the blog so there will be changes, but good changes.

I have a few pictures from the time I was gone. I felt like since I must get dressed I might as well look good. If you are following me on Instagram (SN: Instagram is my new favorite addiction, and I am not ashamed to say it.) then you have viewed some of these pictures already.

I loved my paisley skinny pants and I got to thrift  in some great leggings.
It took me forever to wear the jeans now I want to wear them once a week, but I don't.
Finally wore my wedge sneakers, and they made me feel real bad ass.
Bought this skirt in NY and I feel the same way about it now that I did when I purchased!

Had to wear this fur vest that I got last year for $14 and my election day dance.

My great blazer that I bought when thrifting. If you don't remember check out the HappyThrift Day blog. I tried to do the click her to view the pic, but it didn't work. If you know how to do it help a sista out.

Shout out to the Soldiers, while wearing my Dereon military jacket.
 Since I was gone several events took place, so let me get them all out at the end of  my speech like an acceptance speak at an awards show. Happy Halloween, hope you ate as much candy as possible and brought out the kid inside of you. Congratulations Mr. President, so proud of him and the American people for just voting. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that your bellies were filled with food and your hearts were filled with love from being with your families. I pray that Black Friday didn't make you crazy and you got lots of great purchases.

Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

They ain't just for Holding up Pants Anymore!!!

Hey Boos!!! This past weekend I had a burning desire to go thrifting. I woke up on Saturday and it was my first thought....Goodwill. I felt like a kid that got their allowance and I was itching to spend mine thrifting. My daughter went thrifting with me and found a bunch of stuff for herself, but I only found some great belts that didn't fit, so I decided these belts would be great necklaces.

Belt/Necklace: Value Village

Now that I know a great belt can also be a great necklace, I have tried to make every belt in my closet a necklace. I have lost it, but I will do a lot of stuff in the name of fashion. I'll even sell my Momma's TV like Gator in Jungle Fever. "I smoked the TV Momma"...LOL!

Belt/Necklace: Belt from a Jumpsuit in my closet
When looking for your new belt/necklace make sure that there is a hook or clamp on the belt. If there isn't a hook or clamp on the belt, you can purchase some at your local craft store or dollar store.

Belt/Necklace: Value Village

Vain Moment: Every compliment I received about the necklace went straight to my head, because they said what I thought. I'm like Smokey "I got mind control over Dibo"..LOL!!!
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings



Monday, October 22, 2012

Transitioning my Summer Dress!!!

Hey Everybody!! My Internet is acting crazy, so this post will be quick. We all know the fall season is here, but I purchased a summer dress close to the end of summer that I wanted to bring into the fall season. I wore the dress during the summer one way, but for the fall I have to rock it completely different.

Dress & Jacket: Dots, Shoes: Go Jane

Many pieces from the summer can go great for the fall.  Remember some fall staple pieces to help move your summer favorites into the fall season. Tights/Stocking, Blazers, Sweater, Boots/ Booties, & Leather/ Pleather. My money is short I have to do pleather, but I am doing it!

Vain Moment: I had great face this morning, but I have great face everyday. Thanks Mommy for the beauty.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These Boots are made for Walking!!!

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!! I told my wide calf sistas that I would bring them fabulous, fashionable wide calf boots, and I have done what I said.  Now we can rid ourselves of small calf SN: Sometimes I'm to silly for myself. Just a friendly tip when visiting the sites for boots, reads the reviews and know your calf sizes because all calves are not created equal. My calf's are 19" and 18.5", I know don't judge me.

I have compiled a list of stores and online websites that sell inexpensive wide calf boots. These aren't all the stores and websites available, but this is to get you started and the rest is up to you. All these boots are under $70.00, and very trendy. If you can hold out for them to go on sale great, but if you can't try and find a coupon code. Rememebr that these boots are much cheaper when the season changes. Now all you W.C.W.A  have to do is shop and look fabulous.

    Walk in Stores                                                                    Online Stores

    Bakers                                                                                 Jessica London
    DSW                                                                                   Woman Within
    Dots                                                                                     One Stop Plus
    Simply Fashion                                                                   Torrid
    Target                                                                                  Overstock
    Torrid                                                                                   Lane Bryant

Vain Moment: Yesterday I wore the black wide calf boots from Torrid, and baby when I say EVERYTHING I was looking like EVERYTHING. No More small calf envy. Power to the!

Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pink is the New Black!!!

Happy Monday!!! I hope that everyone had the best weekend. I got to do a little shopping so my weekend was great. As we all know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and every where I turn I see pink, and who doesn't love pink. I wanted to do my part in supporting and promoting the fight against breast cancer, so today I wore my favorite shirt and my little ladies wore their pink shirts. SN: I snatched them from playing to take this picture and they were very patient with their Mommy.

They are the cutest. I love them so much.

Sometimes as women in the course of our busy lives of being wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, doctors, chefs, and everything else we forget about ourselves. In order to be there for our family and friends we must be there for ourselves first. Ladies make sure you are helping with the fight against breast cancer by educating yourselves and everyone around you. If you have any questions or concerns consult your physician.
Tees Shirt: Torrid
Let us not let the fight be in vain, because our lives depend on it.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

W.C.W.A= Wide Calf Women of America

I'm feeling good from  my head to my shoes boots, because I am able to wear my jeans inside my boots. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have big calves and the stores don't always sell cute stylish boots in wide calf. I would see all the fabulous ladies walking by me with their great boots on, and I was envious...yes I had small calf
Shirt: Ross, Vest & Boots: Dots, Jeans: Conway
I felt like I was the only person with this issue, until people at work started asking me where I was purchasing my boots. They also had wide calves and were having the same issue with finding boots. I felt like forming a support group at work "W.C.W.A= Wide Calf Women of America", and singing we shall overcome. Well I didn't break out into song, but I did start sharing the sites and stores where they could purchase wide calf boots at a reasonable price.  Hopefully, now that I am apart of a support group we can get more designers and stores to realize that all calves are not created equal, and that we just want to be treated like the small calf ladies of America. I will try to make my next post about great fall wide calf boots for the
Vain Moment: I want my support group name to be Head "WC" Diva. I think I deserve it I started the
Until the next blog. Miracle & Blessings

Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby I'ma be your Motivation!!!

It's Monday time to make the donuts, so git up git out and git somethin. The somethin I got this morning was a burst of cold air. Fall has made its presence known in the Queen City and I wanted to ignore it and stay in my bed.

Jacket: Thrifted, Shirt&Jeans:Conway
Shoes: Shoe Show, Purse: Cato

I am glad I ignored the feeling of staying home, because if I missed work I would have missed the surprise waiting for me. Steve at my job who is a healthy eater, was wearing a great camouflage jacket. SN: One day I would like to be like Steve, but I am enjoying cake, chips, and Pepsi to much for today to be that day. I told Steve how great he looked in his jacket, and he told me it was me who inspired the jacket. I have my own camouflage jacket that I wear a lot, because camo is the new black to me.
If you know me you know that I am extra vain and I got a big ego (in my Beyonce voice.) However, this wasn't a moment when my head swelled up and popped. It made me feel good that someone would like at me and be inspired. There was a time I didn't have the confidence I have now, and instead of inspiring someone else I could only be inspired.

Vain Moment: To every person that has played a part in shaping the confident woman that I am today, I say Thank You.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Absent Minded in Charlotte!!!

Hey Party People!! I had an interesting day, and now I am ready for bed. Today I headed out to attend the Swapanista event in Charlotte. Always looking for an opportunity to get dressed, I put on something fabulous but comfy.
Shirt: Walmart, Skirt:Dots, Shoes & Purse: Ross
Crazy face, but great accessories.
Once the ladies and I get to the Venue we realize it looks pretty empty, and we might need to pull a Houdini and make a quick getaway. Being the generous person that I, I decide I will go inside to scope out the scene. Once inside I am advised that the event is not until next week...BUMMER! I messed up and thought today was the 13th of October, but I should've known because I paid my rent yesterday. SN: I hate paying rent, but I love having some place to live. I can't win.

All was not lost and Toya didn't waste her gas..shout out to Toya and KiKi for being troopers. I was able to network, which is always a plus and good for business. Then we spent the rest of the day eating, window shopping, and taking pictures. I guess next week we will try it again, but today it's just another crazy day in the life of Tan O.


 Vain Moment: Now I get to look drop dead gorgeous two weeks in a row.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings