About Me

I am a Native New Yorker that moved to the country Charlotte, NC that is, and wanted to share her life, life lessons, and since of style with the rest of the world.

I  am the mother of 3 and the wife of 1...lol. I love all things extra. I recite movie and tv lines all the time. I am addicted to shopping and fashion. I think I am funny, but most people say it's craziness, and I'll take it. I am loud and I laugh loud and often. I love to break out in a dance and song just because, but I can't dance which makes it even better.

I am learning to love the life that God has given, and I wanted to take others along for the ride. Welcome to the world of me. I hope you enjoy me and leaern from me as I grow and continue to learn. Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride, and it will be one hell of a ride....lol.


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