Thursday, January 24, 2013

Country has gone Sexy!!!

Hey Boos!!! Let me get right to the business at hand. I have been lusting after these cowboy boots from Target. I tried to wait for them to go on clearance, because I am not Rich Broke like Lil Duval, but I am Broke Broke and clearance is my middle name. Target obviously doesn't care about my coins, because the boots are still full price.

I decided to stop being El cheapo and get the boots, because I have spent more than 34.99  for things I just liked and didn't love. I am so glad I got the boots, because they are now one of my new favorite things. I had to wear them to work everyday this week since I got them, because I told one of the members of the 3 musketeers  that I would wear them everyday if I bought them, so I have been a woman of my word. SN: Something is always my favorite until I get it and then I find a new favorite, but these boots are truly my new favorite thing, and I want to wear them with everything. Thanks Target.
Blazer:Conway, Shirt:Alloy, Flower:Dots, Jeans:Citi Trends

Vain Moment: I feel like a cowgirl, but a cowgirl never looked this sexy and clean.

Until the next blog. Miracle & Blessings

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

She know all the latest Snacks!!!

Hey Boos!!! Ti's the Season for being Healthy. I know that many New Year Resolutions include being healthy and losing weight. I know that one of my big issues with weight loss is that I love snacking. I like snacks more than I like food, but I need to start eating healthy snacks. Yesterday one of my Boos at work gave me a great snack, and I wanted to share some great snack ideas to help with every ones resolution.

 Five Snacks 150 calories and under

 Rice Cakes  & Light Cream Cheese - Two rice cakes & Two tbsp of the cream (150 cal)

 Turkey Lettuce Wrap - Wrap two ounces of thin turkey slices and one thin slice of provolone cheese with a large romaine lettuce leaf (130 cal)

Shrimp Cocktail - Nine Shrimp & Two tbsp of Sauce  (140 cal)
Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce - One cup of strawberries drizzled with 2 tablespoons lite chocolate syrup (100 cal)

Hummus Devil Eggs - Four Eggs Whites & 3 tablespoons of Hummus (140 cal)

I hope that these snack ideas are helpful on your health journey. Remember sometimes on the road to healthiness we slip and fall, but we have to get back up and keep going. If you have any snack ideas please share them.
Before I go I would like to say Happy 19th Birthday to my first newphew Richie AKA Killa R (inside joke.)

Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Date Night -{OOTN}

Hey Boos! So me and the best part of my day AKA my Hubby had a date night and I was super excited. I have been dying to see Django and eat at Red Lobster after seeing the commercials on TV for the 30 shrimp, every dang on day. (SN: This is why I couldn't start my diet.)

I forgot I am not a spring chicken, and didn't take a nap before my date. In the middle of dinner I became real sleepy, so date night was cut short. Django, will have to wait until next week, but this is good because we needed to start having date night.
Jacket:Dots, Tee Shirt:Old Navy, Shorts:Ross, Tights:EBay, Shoes: Target

Vain Moment: I thought I looked extra funky in these tights, but the truth is they wouldn't go up past my thighs and my shorts were the only thing holding them!!!
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

Friday, January 11, 2013

Infecting the World * Smile

It's my first post since the New Year, so Happy New Year Boos!!! The year is starting off great for me and I pray that it is the same or better for you guys. Today is Smile Friday and I wanted to share some of the things that brought a smile to my lovely face over the last couple of weeks.

The return of the McRib, and getting an extra one for a dollar. (YUM)
The happiness on my daughter's face from a new furry hat. She loves hats.
My onesie pajama. I am actually wearing it now. It's so comfortable

Seeing a deer in my backyard. It's there look between the trees.

Rocquelle mentioning me twice on her blog.
Seeing the curl pattern of my natural hair.
My DIY tee shirt necklace.

My crochet braids, that have been giving me the best hair days.

The mannequin I saw in the mall that was giving the best pose.
Now that I am smiling all over again. I would love to smile with you. Please share with me your smile moments.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings