Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leave It to Tan O

It's Hump Day Party People! This means the work week is almost over, and I am excited. I am blessed to have a job, but baby some days it's unbearable. I am ready to win the lottery and spend my days hanging with "The Best Part Of My Day" my Hubby.

In honor of Hump Day I decided to channel my inner June Cleaver, and wore one of my favorite fall trends.....Peplum and Pearls. 

Dress:Dots, Shoes: Newport News

Please know I'm the modern age June Cleaver. I am a sexy plus size Diva who works, hates cooking, has a shopping addiction, loves talking about sex, and I make my kids clean up. All things that 1960s June wouldn't be caught dead being or doing, but thank God for change.


Vain Moment: I took a picture with my next door neighbor, because today was her birthday. After seeing the picture I realized I must have been a beautiful baby, because baby look at me now.

Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

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