Monday, October 22, 2012

Transitioning my Summer Dress!!!

Hey Everybody!! My Internet is acting crazy, so this post will be quick. We all know the fall season is here, but I purchased a summer dress close to the end of summer that I wanted to bring into the fall season. I wore the dress during the summer one way, but for the fall I have to rock it completely different.

Dress & Jacket: Dots, Shoes: Go Jane

Many pieces from the summer can go great for the fall.  Remember some fall staple pieces to help move your summer favorites into the fall season. Tights/Stocking, Blazers, Sweater, Boots/ Booties, & Leather/ Pleather. My money is short I have to do pleather, but I am doing it!

Vain Moment: I had great face this morning, but I have great face everyday. Thanks Mommy for the beauty.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

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