Friday, December 7, 2012

Infecting the World * Smile

Hey Boos!!! I recentley told you that there would be changes to the blog, well here is one of the changes. I love reading blogs, and there is a blog I read named Consider Me Lovely, the writer on this blog is Rocquelle. Shout out to Rocquelle, a friend in my head. Anyhoo, every Friday she does a posting about things that make her smile. (SN: Smiles and laughs are infectious. If you smile at someone they smile back. When others see you laugh, they start laughing. If you don't believe it try it and see what happens.) I thought that it was very inspiring and asked her if I could be a bitter and bite her! She was sweet and told me that it wouldn't be a problem, so today is my first smile post. Our lives are so busy and complicated, sometimes we forget about the things that make us smile and bring us joy. I hope these post will inspire you, and remind you it's the little things in life that make you smile when everything else seems to be going crazy.
Trying black lipsticks, and realizing everything doesn't look good on me. Hard pill to!
Finding a rose gold watch at Target for $13.00.
Starting my healthy eating before the new year with a green smoothie.
Losing 5lbs since starting. YAAAAA!!!!

Finding great boots at Target, and resisting the urge to buy them. Until, they were too cute I have to have them.

Jello cake that my Grandma told me how to make.

My baby girl who has her own fashion style.

Having a girls night with friends that ended in an Adult Toy Shop.

Doing movie week on Instagram, and the comments made about "Baby Boy".
Please share with me the things that make you smile, because as the song says "when you smile the whole world smiles with you."
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

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  1. These are some great reasons to smile!! Your daughter is too cute!!