Thursday, January 24, 2013

Country has gone Sexy!!!

Hey Boos!!! Let me get right to the business at hand. I have been lusting after these cowboy boots from Target. I tried to wait for them to go on clearance, because I am not Rich Broke like Lil Duval, but I am Broke Broke and clearance is my middle name. Target obviously doesn't care about my coins, because the boots are still full price.

I decided to stop being El cheapo and get the boots, because I have spent more than 34.99  for things I just liked and didn't love. I am so glad I got the boots, because they are now one of my new favorite things. I had to wear them to work everyday this week since I got them, because I told one of the members of the 3 musketeers  that I would wear them everyday if I bought them, so I have been a woman of my word. SN: Something is always my favorite until I get it and then I find a new favorite, but these boots are truly my new favorite thing, and I want to wear them with everything. Thanks Target.
Blazer:Conway, Shirt:Alloy, Flower:Dots, Jeans:Citi Trends

Vain Moment: I feel like a cowgirl, but a cowgirl never looked this sexy and clean.

Until the next blog. Miracle & Blessings

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