Friday, June 7, 2013

Mommies Little Girl!!!

Hey Boos!!! This week has been a great, but restless week for me. My oldest daughter is graduating from the 8th grade, so next year she will be in high school (Why lord? Why?) She went to her prom on Tuesday and graduated today, and she looked so pretty I had to share her pics with my Boos. I love that she is growing into a beautiful and intelligent young lady, but what else could she be with God and me on her! I am having a hard time with her maturing, but I know I can't hold her hand for every step in life, so just keep praying for me that I can make it through her going to high school. I am enclosing shots of her from both days and pics of the great vintage dress I found while thrifting.

Made this tutu using ConsiderMeLovely tutorial.
Everytime I see this picture I am trying to figure out how I can make her 5 again.

I love this dress!!! The pictures don't do it justice.

Dress &Purse: Value Village, Shoes: Shoeland
My baby!!!
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings


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