Monday, June 10, 2013

Church Uniform!!!

Hey Boos!!! A little riddle for you guys today. What is black and white and blue all over? Meeee!!! Today I am wearing the in color for spring/summer, black & white for Style Me Friday. However, I am feeling a little blue, but we'll get to that later. My question for today is did black & white ever go out of style? I can recall back in the day at many church events you were told to wear black and white. If you were singing in the choir, ushering, praise dancing, or giving a speech black & white was the go to colors. The crazy part was your Momma never had to buy you anything new, because you always had black and white in your!!! Life was so simple then sometimes I miss it. (SN: Why did you have to wear white for communion)? It seems to me like the colors never went out of style, but if the fashion gods need to feel as if they brought it back, I'll let them have this one.
Jacket & Purse: Citi Trends, Shirt: Simply Fashion
Pants: Dots: Belt: Catos, Shoes: Shoe Show

On to the blue part of my day. While attending lunch with Veronica (my FRIEND) my phone dropped and shattered. It was a man down, code 10 situation (in my Frankie voice). I was in such disbelief that I looked at it on the ground for a while. I am addicted to my phone and I am always on , so maybe God wants me to give my mouth and fingers a rest. I remeber there was time I didn't have a cellphone, and now I can't live without mine. I need all the saints of the church to pray my strength in the Lord and pray for my!!!

To add insult to injury it also rained all day long, so I wasn't able to get a lot of great pics, and you would never believe that the sun is out as I am typing this post. However, I am greatful for all these crazy moments, because if they don't happen I would have nothing to blog about.

Ronnie thank you for taking my pics with your phone, I love you.
Until the next blog. Miracles & Blessings

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