Monday, September 24, 2012

Tales of a Car Accident

Happy Monday!!! I know it's time to start the hustle and bustle of the work week , so hopefully you had a great weekend. My weekend started great and ended with a bang...LITERALLY!!

The Southern Women's Show was in Charlotte this weekend. My sister and I was suppose to attend. I was looking like "EVERYTHING". SN: Everything means Divalicious, Fabulous, Hot, Gorgeous, Fierce, It, Bam, Sada and any other adjective that is complimentary rolled into one, i.e, "Everything."

                                     Dress:Dots, Jacket:Dots, Scarf:Rugged Warehouse
                                        Purse: Avon, Sunnies: Dots, Sandals: Target

Now that I am looking like "EVERYTHING", we take the kids to the park  first. Once playtime is over we start leaving the park, as I attempt to back out, no cars in sight. I  hear a loud "Bang," I hit another car... Damn, Damn, DAMN... in my Florida Evans voice. It was my first car accident, so I was acting like a chicken with her head cut off. However, I am grateful to the Master that everybody was fine, but today I am dealing with all the lawyers calls trying to get there 33 %.  Needless to say we never made it to The Southern Women's Conference, maybe next year.

Vain Moment: In the words of my brother in-law I looked "Pertiful" during the whole ordeal.

                                                   How was your weekend?

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